Solareum Takes On Philanthropic Mission Turning Puerto Rico Into a Sustainable Solar Island


Solareum Press Release

Bitcoin Press Release: Solareum joined Mr. Brock Pierce, Chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation, attending Restart Week in Rincon. Solareum takes on philanthropic mission to turn Puerto Rico into an eco-friendly solar island.

June 8th, 2018. Rincon, Puerto Rico: In the mist of restart week which was held in Rincon, Puerto Rico. It was a who’s who event for cryptocurrency leaders and innovators. At the forefront was Mr. Brock Pierce, Chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation, as well as, involved in numerous cryptocurrency projects.

In a town hall meeting that had taken place on May 14th, 2018, Mr. Pierce made it clear that his intentions were philanthropic, that he loved the island. The crowd were a mix of students, cryptocurrency enthusiasts, innovators and developers that embraced Mr. Pierces vision for the future, as well as, other locals from the island. Cryptocurrency innovators & leaders were also taken back by his Philanthropic efforts.

Although some locals could not understand Mr. Pierce’s vision for philanthropy and the future of a sustainable Puerto Rico.

Solareum and Restart Week

Amongst, these outstanding cryptocurrency innovators was Justin Lally, CMO of Solareum ( SLRM). Who was quick to step up in Mr. Pierce’s defense,

Mr. Lally Stated:

“Brock is the reason I am here, his passion for the island, people and what can be accomplished here, this trip will be a game changer in many ways”,

Mr. Lally went on to say:

“That as business partner and long time friend of Mr Pierce, intentions are beyond genuine and we are set to make this a fully self sustainable island.”

Mr. Pierce’s passion for Puerto Rico, showed Mr. Lally that there is something special here, great things can be done and accomplished. With that said

Mr. Lally said:

“Actions speak louder than words, which offers solar panels all over the world,  Solareum will have them installed and ready to give back power for free. Solareum is going to join the cryptocurrency community at the end of June and will be traded on various Exchanges. The token will be traded under the symbol SLRM.”

Also noting

“Could you imagine if there was solar power prior to the hurricane, the island would bounce back in record time. So Solareum is going to join Mr Pierce and the other innovators that are looking to revamp the island, for the betterment of the people and the island.”

This spoke volumes to the crowd, locals, students and other cryptocurrency innovators who attended the conference.

Mr.Lally went on to say:

“Solareum is the first of its kind, as you can see on the website, Mr. Pierce and I, only have the best intentions for this island, so over the course of the rest of the year, we will be donating Solar panels to key areas, so no one goes without power, for weeks on end as they previously have, ever again.”

Solareum and it’s philanthropic mission and  its association with cryptocurrency industry leaders, is all ready donating and helping the beautiful island of Puerto Rico.

About Solareum

The Solareum platform is set to provide the global community renewable energy products, leading the solar energy market with a P2P or B2B business model. Any renewable company can become a Solareum affiliate. Solareum offers trust and reliability to sustain decentralized ethical practices.

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