Kepler Technologies Announces World’s First Decentralized AI and Robotics Development Platform


Bitcoin Press Release: Kepler robotics, a innovative blockchain-based decentralized robotics development platform. That is set on leveraging blockchain technology to create an asset-backed platform that will liberate the market. Employing analytics, data science and predictive algorithms.

February 10, 2018.Tbilisi, Georgia,  – Kepler Technologies, a blockchain-based startup in Georgia, has announced the development of the world’s first robotics and Artificial intelligence (AI) development platform. The platform is set to disrupt the $80 billion robotics industry by creating a unifying ecosystem for inventors and developers when they can access the required technical and financial resources for the development and distribution of their invention.

Technology continues to evolve. The technological landscape we see today is not the same as was a decade ago. Communication has become instantaneous and inventions are increasingly becoming more and more versatile, making life easier and pleasurable. All of these technological advancements are powered by one form of AI or the other. Like the internet before it, AI and robotics development is set to revolutionize the future of humanity. However, this potential remains trapped in the palms of a elite few who continue to hijack development and accumulate wealth for themselves.

Until now.

A Next-Generation Blockchain Ecosystem


Envisioned as an all-encompassing and dynamic ecosystem for the community by the community, Kepler Technologies is leveraging blockchain technology to create an asset-backed platform that will liberate the market and drive innovations forward. The platform aims to accelerate robotics and AI development through a global tech marketplace and collaborative network. Marketplace participants will be able to invest in AI and robotics development through a decentralized and transparent platform, while inventors will be able to securely access technical and financial resources for developing their projects.

Employing analytics, data science, and predictive algorithms, Kepler Technologies will provide investors with unique investment opportunities via tokenized assets and unhindered access to liquidity.

Kepler Universal Platform

Kepler Technologies aims to build one of the largest robotics facilities in the world backed by the Georgia government reform policy. The policy will able the company acquire the landed property required for the development of it factory and lab facilities.

Kepler Technologies is also developing a first-of-its-kind, blockchain Tech acceleration and incubation platform for talented inventors and developers worldwide. The platform will finally make it easy for creators to not only present their projects to the world, but will connect them with everything they need to make the project a reality. Creators will be able to team up with other talented individuals to polish, present, prototype, patent, and market their ideas using the company’s global resources.

Every proposal present to Kepler Technologies will be recorded to the blockchain through its innovative Proof-of-Creation network protocols.

A New Currency For Innovations

Kepler Technologies ecosystem will be powered by its ERC20 compatible KEP tokens. The tokens will be the currency for purchasing the company’s products at discount, voting for projects for the company to develop, and funding creator’s proposals.

Users on the platform will be able to fund the development of project proposals by voting in KEP tokens to the tune of the project’s required funding via smart contracts. Once the target has been met, the project team will be flown to Georgia and given access to resources to prototype and market the project. Dividends will be distributed to backers for every successful project completion.

Unlike most Token Generation Events, Kepler Technologies is backed by both tangible and intangible assets.

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